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The Museum offers a variety of religious exhibits, some on a rotating and others on a permanent basis. Those featured below are permanent fixtures in the Museum. Please see the upcoming events page for more information about our rotating displays.

Click on the pictures below for larger images.


ArtAkiane -

In October, the Museum welcomed child artist, Akiane Kramarik, for her second visit. Akiane, just 11-years old, has created masterpieces in both poetry and realist paintings. A featured guest on many popular television shows (including the Oprah Winphrey Show, World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, as well as many others), Akiane thanks God for her talent, noting that "I have been blessed by God. And, if I'm blessed, there is one reason and one reason only, and that is to help others." The Museum is fortunate to have 30 reproductions of Akiane's work on display, and many others are available for purchase. These range in size from 8 1/2 X 11" to 48 X 60". To learn more information about this amazing child prodigy, visit Akiane's website at The image below was done when Akiane was 7 years-old. It is entitled The Prince of Peace .


Project Moses: Ten Commandments Display -

Recently, we have added a new display. The display, on loan from Project Moses, stands over five feet - approximately 800 pounds, and showcases the ten commandments on a tablet engraved sand-colored marble straight from Mount Sinai. The Museum Gift Shop features smaller monuments from Project Moses for sale ($160 & $185). The display featured below sells for $3500, and may be a welcome addition to your house of worship. Further, the Museum receives proceeds from this sale - allowing buyers to purchase a wonderful display while helping the Museum of Religious Arts continue working toward our mission! Additionally, when Project Moses completes the National Monument, the Museum will be featured, as a contributor next to the 25 foot statue of Moses and the ten commandments. You can visit the Project Moses website at


King of Kings Display -

This exhibit includes life size, "one of a kind" wax figurines, built to portray nine Biblical scenes. Sculpted by Leone Chaney, this display found its first home at the Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg, FL in the late 1960's. Thirty years later, the exhibit was restored and moved to its present location. The realistic figures depict events including the annunciation, the nativity, Palm Sunday, the last supper, the crucifixion and resurrection among others.


Chapel -

The early southwestern-style mission chapel consists of pieces from a variety of sources - including area churches, and even a local barn. A quiet place for reflection, this "exhibit" also offers patrons a place to host special occasions or ceremonies. Feel free to discuss these options with museum staff.


Exhibit Hall -

The exhibit hall contains both permanent and rotating displays. Glass cases display rare artifacts, statues and relics. An adjacent library offers a wide array of publications as well as various films of spiritual and religious interests.


Other -

Additionally, the Museum includes other facilities. Most notably, the hospitality room and gift shop offer patrons an opportunity to visit about their experiences while perusing items to commemorate time spent at the Museum. A library continues to be a "work-in-progress," meant to encourage hands-on spiritual development. The in-house theatre provides another means of spiritual/religious growth, hosting historical films regularly.

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