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Museum of Religious Arts groundbreaking ceremony Saturday,  September 6

September 2, 1997 - History will be made this Saturday, September 6, when the Museum of Religious Arts breaks ground at a site near Logan, Iowa.  The Museum is the only one of its kind in the US - and one of few in the world - which affords the opportunity to view thousands of religious artifacts and the religious history of the United States. 

The Museum of Religious arts is the inspiration of a local farmer, Paul Lovell of Logan, Iowa.  Mr. Lovell's idea has captured the interest of many contributors of religious artifacts throughout the Midwest, and beyond.  The idea of this unique museum started over four years ago.  During the past eighteen months, the goal of a Museum of Religious Arts has been pursued by Mr. Lovell, a Museum board of Directors, and many volunteers.  Scores of people have made monetary contributions to the museum.   A site two miles south of Logan, Iowa has been prepared for the construction of a 20,000 square foot building - the first building phase of the Museum. 

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